BusHub Launched

BusHub Launched


Abellio Surrey are proud to announce the release of it's new smart travel club website "BusHub", for Abellio Surrey Bus users. Here are just some of the exciting new features that will revolutionise your bus travel experience.

Journey Planner

BusHub's unique journey planner makes use of detailed, up-do-date travel data from across the Abellio Surrey network, giving you accurate directions wherever you need to get to.

Live Buses

As well as detailed information on all our bus services, Live Buses allows you to track all of our buses in real time on an interactive map. Whilst you're at it, you can see if any of your friends are on the bus or if there are any BusHub exclusive deals you can pick up on your journey.

Get Social

Add friends and family to your account so you can message, post and check-in across key locations within the transport network to stay safe, share travel tips and collect BusPoints.

Special Offers

Get access to exclusive offers at your favourite local restaurants, shops and amenities. With places like Frankie & Benny's, Subway or the Guildford Spectrum on board with BusHub, there's a special offer for everyone.


We'd like to reward you for choosing Abellio Surrey Bus. From 1st April 2015, you can collect buspoints when you go mobile and purchase an M-ticket from the BusHub website plus you'll also collect points whenever you check in at partner venues, write a review, post an update or add a new friend to your BusHub account. You can use your points to claim special offers on ticket purchases, allowing you to travel for less.

To access these new features and more, sign up for a BusHub account today.

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