Abellio London and Surrey has created an initiative called ABC, "Abellio Bus Communities"

We believe that public transport is a vital part of community life, and we aim to go beyond taking people from A to B.

There are two primary ways we are working with schools. 

Firstly Abellio London and Surrey is directly working with schools as part of our community. At each of our depots we have reached out to schools which are along the routes where we operate buses.

Secondly we are working with schools through our partners at Transport for London and London Transport Museum. London Transport Museum delivers the TfL Safety & Citizenship programme to schools throughout Greater London. The service was established in 2005 with the aim of engaging with young people to promote safe and responsible use of public transport.

Our Depots


We aim to work with each school three times a year on a range of activities such as:

  • A class visit to a depot;
  • A member of our team attending the school to fulfil a "dream-catcher” assembly such as a “day in the life of”;
  • Running an educational competition about transport to increase familiarity; and
  • Bringing a bus to the school for students to experience what it is like on board

These are just some examples of how we have worked with the schools in our local area. We are currently recruiting schools to partner with. If you are interested in Abellio London and Surrey working with your school then we would be delighted to hear from you. You can contact us through our dedicated ABC email address abelliobuscommunities@abellio.co.uk . We would be pleased to discuss how we might be able to work together.

Each year, the team undertake the following commitments on behalf of TfL:

  • Multi-media sessions delivered to Year 6 students which prepare them for independent travel
  • Secondary sessions which address specific travel issues
  • Provision of training and support for Transport Youth Engagement Officers (TYEOs)
  • Delivery and promotion of safe and responsible travel where needed in other youth engagement programmes and projects

We have been able to work with them in their programme and a number of our staff have become Transport Youth Engagement Officers. For more information on the Safety and Citizenship programme please email tflsafetyandcitizenship@ltmuseum.co.uk

We aim to work with each school three times a year.

Corporate Responsibility Report

Introducing the first ever corporate responsibility report for Abellio London and Surrey. This report describes our performance for the year ending December 2009.

Having become part of the Abellio Group in June 2009. As a group, our responsibility vision is to deliver public transport services that improve lives in the communities we serve. To meet this vision we must act responsibly across every area of our operations, giving consideration to all our key stakeholders as well as mitigating the impact we have on the environment. At all times and for all our activities we will continue to have regard to the safety of our customers, our staff and the wider community. This report gives us an opportunity to outline our approach to corporate responsibility, show how we have performed and set out how we plan to improve for the future.

Download report